Alfie means the world to his owners

A magical and unforgettable experience for Alfie & his owners

Stunning, emotive images from a certified master in dog photography.

Permanent memories of Alfie's true personality, simply being himself

Alfie was almost 6 month's old in these images, and is a beautiful white Jackapoo.  ⁠⁠With a young family that adores him, 2021 was a great year for them all.

Jackapoos can be "little balls of energy" and Alfie certainly lives up to that claim! They are a high-energy friend who wants to be at your side as much as possible - just look at the image below walking right alongside the boot!

They are very playful dogs, and with a young family, this is perfect for Alfie and for them.

We loved getting these shots in the back garden, and it's amazing how much like a mini polar bear Alfie looks like on a run!

MIL Pet Photography and Millers Image Limited, the professional dog photographer based in Windsor and Ascot, are proud to share some of their favourite images from our Day with Alfie.

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