Hunter means the world to his owners

A magical and unforgettable experience for Hunter & his owners

Stunning, emotive images from a certified master in dog photography.

Permanent memories of Hunter's true personality, simply being himself

Hunter was just over 20 month's old in these images, and is a Black Cocker Spaniel. ⁠⁠⁠⁠ He came into his owners' lives three days before lockdown 1 on the 18th March 2020.  They had always wanted a dog and Hunter was the perfect companion with his floppy ears and zest for life. 

Hunter has a beautiful character - he understands their emotions, absolutely LOVES to be played with and always brightens up their day.  He is motivated by chicken, sausage and his favourite ball, and truly knows how to sit, wait, give paw, lay down, and spin 360 - all on command.  He did all of these on our MIL Pet Photography experience together.

His owners never fully understood the sheer joy that a fluffy puppy could bring to their lives but now they couldn’t image life without him! He brings the whole family together, makes everyone smile and reminds them about what’s important in life…family.

Millers Image Limited - MIL Pet Photography, the professional dog photographer based in Windsor and Ascot, are proud to share some of their favourite images from our Day with Hunter.

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