Lady means the world to her owners

A magical and unforgettable experience for Lady, her puppies & her owners

Stunning, emotive images from a certified master in dog photography.

Permanent memories of Lady's true personality, simply being herself

Lady is a beautiful Sprizla (KC Vizla Springer).  We received the call to come and take photographs of Lady and her litter of the most beautiful nine puppies you can imagine.  

Lady's story had been a hard one, with her owners needing to make a very tough decision after Lady was involved in a road traffic accident.  After much surgery, care and rehabilitation, they took the decision to ensure that Lady had a chance to leave a legacy.  Little did they know that their expectation of two to three puppies would result in nine!!!  What an amazing lady is Lady ?

When we visited them all, the puppies were just over four weeks old and a lot of fun and laughter.  We got some great images, and the puppies were simply gorgeous and really hard not to want them all!

When we returned four weeks later with their Prints, oh my, how they had grown.  Nine puppies now at almost 8 weeks old was very hard work indeed for Lady's owners.

As each new owner chose their beautiful Sprizla puppy, they also named them.  Lady's nine puppies became Gracie, Roo, Bella, Nala, Coco, Meadow, Prisca, Rufus and Winston.

MIL Pet Photography - Millers Image Limited, the professional dog photographer based in Windsor and Ascot, are proud to share some of their favourite images from our morning with Lady and her puppies.

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